AI Hackathon 2024: AI AI, Captain!

20. - 22. SEPTEMBER 2024

Konrad-Zuse-Str. 6a 28359 Bremen

The AI Hackathon 2024 is being organized in cooperation between DOCK ONE (Lenze & encoway innovation lab) and the DIGITAL HUB INDUSTRY. From September 20 to 22, 2024, AI enthusiasts will meet, form teams and work on the development of prototypes and concepts within 48 hours. Whether you like to develop concepts, design, or program — if you are interested in AI, our AI hackathon is just right for you. Develop ideas, build, play, hack, share, learn and have fun!

It’s not all about creating finished products, it’s about sharing your ideas with other participants, building inspiring hacks, learning from each other and just having fun. Our goal at the AI Hackathon is to bring together creative minds and different skill sets.

We want to see how you develop new ideas and how the fun of playing with technology is reflected in your presentations and pitches at the end of the hackathon. So if you feel up to the challenge and are interested in AI, bring your skills to the event and work on something cool.

Whether at home or at work, there is a great need to speed up time-consuming tasks and automate processes. Either to have more free time for other activities or to make up for a lack of resources, particularly in view of the increasing shortage of skilled workers. Artificial intelligence is on everyone’s lips as a possible solution or support.

At the AI Hackathon, companies have the opportunity to explore current issues together with participants and develop creative and exciting implementation ideas for networked products, apps, and services.

The focus is on B2B applications. Participants have access to a variety of gadgets, such as 3D printers, Raspberry Pi, beacons and Kinect, which they can use to develop their prototypes. Here they have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in areas such as cloud, mobile, design, or IoT to the audience and the jury and win attractive prizes.

Technical knowledge or in-depth programming skills are not essential! We look forward to welcoming everyone — from beginners to advanced and experts.